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Pushing Boundaries with Terra

“We are still walking backwards into the future”
- Martand ‘Mapu’ Singh (Textile Revivalist)

While our vision at Tilfi is deeply rooted in the quintessence of Banaras, it is also quite contemporary in its outlook. We are constantly trying to innovate, re-invent, revive and re-interpret Banarasi handloom, while relying on the perseverance of timeless traditions. Our recent apparel collection, Terra has emerged out of this very desire to stand and stand out, at the intersection of eras, cultures and terrains.

Our garments have been made using fabric, woven by the same makers as the Banarasi fabric traditionally used in making ethnic Indian drapes. They have neutral silhouettes, designed to be comfortable. An earthy colour palette with muted hues gives it an aesthetic yet relaxed elegance. Even though a large part of today’s fashion is driven by the desire to fit in to a certain body type, Terra is an endeavour against corseted fashion standards. This has made the collection aesthetically international in its appeal.

Terra has also adapted the iconic trench coat in all its true elements – wide lapels, epaulettes, buttons, sleeve straps and a waist belt. While it is made of finely handwoven pure tussar silk, it powerfully complements the fearless sophistication of a cosmopolitan leader.

This collection exemplifies how heavily brocaded fabrics also can be used minimally and can be explored in disparate manners. We hope such interpretations become part of our ever-expanding traditional vocabulary and our rich textile legacy can be carried forward.

In this section, we strive to reinvent style tips for a myriad of seasons, occasions and audiences.

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