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A Gift of Love & Joy

We have never underestimated the strength of our communities to uplift one another. Over the years, we are proud to have built a family of craftsmen, staff and patrons, who are united in their love for handloom and by extension, in the capacity of the human spirit to surmount all odds and create objects of extraordinary beauty. 

Having braved many a storm in the past, today, our weaving community finds itself in uncertain times and uncharted waters. At Tilfi, this only means that we need to double-down our efforts and reaffirm our commitment to our artisans’ economic, physical and mental well-being.

We also know that we are not alone in this desire of reaching out and spreading joy to those close to us, in these times of increased isolation. This is what makes our Gift of Love & Joy so special. 

A Very Special Gift Card: How It Works

Our Gift of Love & Joy is a very special gift card of Rs 5,100.

You can buy the gift card for any of your loved ones (or even for yourself). The amount can be utilized against any subsequent purchase on our website. The full value of Rs 5,100 will be redeemable at any time.

For every Gift of Love & Joy that is purchased, Tilfi will donate the entire Rs 5,100 towards assisting the Banarasi handloom weaving community via theTilfi COVID-19 Weaver Relief Fund*.

Pass on Kindness: How You Help

With every gift card purchased, know that you are setting off a virtuous chain of kindness:

- You send cheer to the loved one who receives your present

- You enable a donation on our end towards assisting a weaver/ artisan in need

- You empower an artisan with time and resources to continue doing the work he is passionate about

- You spread awareness about our little endeavour and create a ripple effect of kindness and generosity

What Tilfi Will Do

We pledge to support the most vulnerable and exposed within our communities through the Tilfi COVID-19 Weaver Relief Fund. The amount raised will be directed towards:

- Distributing food supplies in areas affected by ongoing sealing/ lockdowns

- Distributing daily cash allowances in weaving clusters in most distress

- Providing medical assistance as required

- Providing grants and advances to ensure business continuity as needed

*The Fund is administered by Tilfi and not by a non-profit organization.

Tilfi's Gift of Love & Joy

The Gift Card of Love & Joy will be delivered by email to the recipient and will be redeemable in full value for any purchase on our website. The gift card can be used as many times as you like on our website, till the full value is exhausted. Multiple gift cards cannot be clubbed towards a single purchase. 

Fill in the information below, add a personalised message and pick a date for the gift card to be emailed. Please fill the form below if sending to someone else. 

We thank you for your support in spreading love, joy and kindness.