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Who makes your clothes


Tilfi is proud of India’s rich weaving heritage and strives to preserve and further it. Each Tilfi product takes many weeks to handcraft and requires the efforts of multiple participants in the handloom production chain.

Here are some of our people behind the magic:

Design Makers, Graphers

Our designers are the source of all artistic inspiration. Our graphers and Naksha Patta Makers ensure that their design ideas are translated faithfully onto the loom.

Saree Designs


Our weavers work tirelessly to bring our design dreams to reality. The sheer breadth of weaves, techniques and skills of the master weavers of Benares is unmatched by any other single weaving cluster in the country.

HandlomWeaver working


Dyers, Polishers, Finishers

Dyers prepare silken threads, fabric or handwoven products. Polishers and finishers help bring zari to life, cut back extra threads left after weaving and prepare the final garment for use. 

Product Handlers & Sales Staff

Banarasi silk need to be handled with care and well looked after, so your product looks as fresh as when it came off the loom. Our handlers and packagers ensure that these timeless products reach you in the best condition.