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To Kashi with Love

From the 5th for 15 days, Tilfi is pledging 15% of all its sales proceeds towards the fight against Covid-19 in Banaras, in its neighboring districts and in the remote villages of rural Eastern UP.

While your purchases enable us to contribute, if you would like to donate directly, we would encourage you to be a part of effort by contributing directly to our fundraising effort in partnership with GiveIndia. Donate Here.

Even as we continue to support our artisans and safeguard our textile heritage, we hope to provide urgent assistance to the larger local community devastated by this pandemic.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will be received by GiveIndia, who will enable direct donations to verified, grassroot NGOs which are already working tirelessly in Covid relief efforts. Through these organizations we will be:

  • Facilitating oxygen supplies: Sourcing Oxygen Cylinders which can be kept in circulation throughout the city to service critical patients.
  • Providing free meals: Fresh, healthy and wholesome meals will be distributed to healthcare professionals, caretakers of the sick and ailing, and crematorium workers. These distribution drives are already underway at key hospitals and Harishchandra and Manikarnika Shamshaan Ghats.
  • Distributing medicines and informational kits: Basic medicines and informational kits with numbers to reach out for medical assistance will be circulated in villages, rural areas and places of greatest distress.
  • Arranging ambulance runs: If the fundraiser can meet its initial target, we hope to extend the goal to enable the purchase of an oxygen support ambulance which can be loaned to hospitals for free-runs.

We are in continuous dialogue with several not-for-profit organizations to discuss ways in which our impact can be maximized and lives can be saved. 

As this lethal second wave of Covid-19 is sweeping across the country, it is crippling healthcare infrastructure in some of India’s biggest cities. Varanasi, our home, is the nerve center of the region - supporting patient loads from over 20 other districts which surround it. 

Our historic holy city, this melting pot of cultures, religions, crafts and civilizations, has always stood the test of time. This time, at its most vulnerable, it needs us.

If you have ever soaked in the spirituality of our land, cherished a Banarasi handwoven textile, or have simply been intrigued by the oldest-continually inhabited city in the world, we encourage you to support Varanasi in this time of crisis.

No amount is too small.