Silver Screen - Tilfi

Silver Screen

Time and again, we find ourselves wrapped up in the nostalgia of a bygone era. Drawn to the ones who have left an indelible mark, etched for eternity in celluloid history and our collective memories. Perhaps, the enigma stems from their larger-than-life persona, inherent elegance and timeless charm – forever craved yet inimitable.

In this series, we embrace the quintessential forehead bindi, the soft rimmed kohl eyes and luscious loose locks, inspired by our impressions of yesteryear heroines and their captivating screen presence laced in old world finery.

We bring a careful mix of some timeless classics with some perfect additions. Explore quintessential reds and pinks or soothing yellows and blues.. Contemporary rose bootis or heritage shikargahs, woven in the finest Banarasi weaves and luxurious silks.

Made in Banaras. Made by Tilfi