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Poets of yore have compared the beauty of handwoven muslins to that of flowing water - āb-i-ravān or abrawan, woven drapes of such exquisite fineness, legendary lightness and ethereal quality like the essence of running water.
Would it be unfair then to liken the yards of our Banarasi Jamdanis to the revered, river of heaven that flows through Kashi?

Janavi, or Mandakini, Niranjana, Saranya…our divine Ganga is known by many names. We imagine her as beautiful and benevolent, a goddess and a mother, powerful and pure, draped in the visible edge of running water.

Tilfi’s handwoven eulogies to our majestic river, Janavi includes our sublime handwoven cotton Jamdani sarees, crafted in the purest form of zari available in Banaras today.