Fabrics - Tilfi


Pure Katan Silk Fabric


Katan silk is the fine, soft and lustrous kind of silk that has made Banarasi renowned the world over. Katan silk fabrics are made using the finest quality of Mulberry silk in both the warp and the weft.


Pure Kora Silk


Kora or Organza silk is a light, sheer fabric made using silk has not been degummed. This results in a fabric that is lightweight, stiff and crisp. It is also cooler and airier than other kinds of silk.


Pure Silk Georgette - Summer silk

Silk by Georgette (Summer Silk):

Summer silk is also a pure silk fabric, which is obtained by using twisted silk in the warp or the weft. The resultant fabric is thinner and lighter in weight than katan silk, making it suitable for wearing even in the hotter months. (hence, summer silk!)


Pure Tissue Fabric


Tissue is a fabric produced by running zari in the weft, a combination of zari and silk in extra-weft and silk in the warp. This pairing produces a fabric that is translucent and shimmering in its appearance; a popular choice for wedding veils.


Fabric Tussar Tussah


Tussar Silk, also known by its Sanskrit name 'Kosa Silk’, is a kind of silk produces by worms that breed on local trees, not mulberry trees. The fabric has a rich, raw texture and a natural deep gold colour. It is also a cooler, more breathable fabric. 


Pure Silk by Cotton Sico

Silk by Cotton (Sico):

Silk cotton sarees are woven using both fine quality silk and high-grade cotton to give you the best of both worlds. Cotton keeps you cool and silk adds to the richness of the saree, giving you an option that is smooth, durable and drapes well.