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Our store in Banaras is imagined as a space to explore our weaves in an intimate, artistic setting. 

An experience centre to immerse oneself in the heritage and artistry of our land, featuring exquisite arts of hand in every nook.  

Our space is Tilfi's celebration of beauty and a reflection of our constant pursuit of the preservation and transmission of heritage.

We invite you to our home, prepared with all our heart.

Drawing inspiration from architectural details of Banaras’ heritage sites, the store’s palette is developed around the earthy buff-colour sandstone of the Old City. 

We have reimagined the age-old gaddi tradition of Varanasi’s saree selling, retaining its charm and contemporizing as necessary.

Adorned with the handcrafts of our city.

Walls panel and niches have been lovingly hand-painted by an award-winning miniature and mural artist; a long-time Banaras resident.

Banarasi metal repousse is featured extensively, allowing for modern interpretations of a venerable craft. Our own textiles and tools have been repurposed as art wherever possible.

We have taken Banaras to the world. Now, we invite the world to our Banaras.

As a brand firmly rooted in Banaras, we could not imagine Tilfi’s first physical touchpoint anywhere else.