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Gulab Bari

Captured in film, Gulab Bari by Tilfi chronicles a hidden treasure of Banaras: a music festival of the same name, celebrated after Holi to welcome Chaitra, the first month of the year in the Hindu calendar. Commemorated with classical music, showers of Chaiti rose petals, and customary pink and white attire, the festival fosters an ethos of joy and harmony amidst seasonal change.

The Gulab Bari collection pays homage to this heritage Banarasi music festival, translating its ethos through handwoven, hand-dyed, and brush-painted textile artistry. Light and airy Khaddi Georgettes are adorned with Chaiti roses in full bloom, lyrical drapes display serene ombrés symbolic of seasonal transitions, and cascading roseate vines come together in a silken symphony.