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"The future is handwoven"

Born in Banaras, Tilfi brings the beauty and cultural wisdom of age-old craftsmanship of Varanasi directly to you.  


Tilfi is built on prioritising art and artisans, with a promise of continued support, to create purposeful pieces of exquisite artistry. 

Made in Banaras. Made by Tilfi. 

"Handwoven stories written in eternal Banaras"

Each Tilfi product has been made by the hands of a dedicated, trained artisan, with skills passed down through generations.

Immerse yourself in our poetry and let everyone listen in awe.

Many-hued yarns spun like verses on a silken parchment and patterns woven to the soft cadences of the loom, a Tilfi saree is a weaver's poem.

A Perfect Harmony

Breathtaking pastel notes and extraordinary Banarasi craftsmanship come together to create this marvellous symphony! These perfectly balanced and exquisitely woven kadhua janglas in muted hues will take your breath away.