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About Tilfi

Tilfi believes in celebrating and preserving master craftsmanship and endeavours to create products that withstand the test of time.

Tilfi is envisioned as a true expression of Indian craftsmanship and luxury, built on ingenuity of techniques, superiority of materials and the understated refinement of heritage crafts. 

Born in Banaras, Tilfi brings the beauty and cultural wisdom of age-old craftsmanship of Banaras to the world. With our range of handwoven textiles and made-by-hand products, rooted in the region’s artisanal traditions, Tilfi preserves heritage and fosters a strong sense of cultural identity and pride.

Choosing to employ care and consideration at each step in the production chain, the entire process from first sketches to the final product is overseen by us. The design of all collections is carried out in-house and in close collaboration with our master craftsmen. The manufacture of all of Tilfi’s textiles takes place solely in Banaras and is entrusted to over 2000 highly-specialised artisans and their workshops.   

All of Tilfi’s products are sold exclusively through our website and flagship retail store in Varanasi.

Behind the name

Tilfi is a Banarasi weaving technique, where three coloured yarns run continuously without a break. For us, it stands for our three ideals:

• Pure - We only use natural materials in our products for lasting quality and luxury.
• Handmade- Every Tilfi piece is handmade, and is the product of our deep knowledge and understanding of the craft.
• Banaras- Rooted in Banaras, we take great pride in carrying forward this historic city’s legacy of skilled craftsmanship.

Our logo is an intricately detailed motif incorporating three paisleys; a delicate interplay found in heritage Banarasi textiles, referred to as the "dancing paisley”. The Tilfi paisley is an aesthetic symbol of our provenance and of a timeless design vocabulary, whose beauty remains unaffected by passing trends.

Design Philosphy

Our ambition is to keep pushing the boundaries of our craft and the skills of our artisans, while staying true to the quintessence of Banarasi craftsmanship.

Our design aesthetic carefully builds on the rich vocabulary of Banarasi craft traditions. Our constant challenge is to innovate and create something new while trying to do justice to a design language that has been perfected over centuries.
Many of our weaves and products are decidedly traditional, but each is unique in its artistry, authenticity of materials and craftsmanship, each a sublime realization of complex know-how.

Our Journey

Founded by Udit, Aditi and Ujjwal, Tilfi was born out of a five-decades old, Banaras-based family firm that passionately believes in the promise, beauty and the enduring legacy of Banaras’ craft heritage. Inspired to return to their roots by one of their weavers, the three founders left their established international careers and started Tilfi with the aim of building a global, yet resolutely Indian artisanal luxury brand. 

Tilfi began in 2016 with the conviction that Varanasi’s craftsmen made some of the finest textiles available anywhere in the world. Through innovation, investments in operational efficiency, quality standards and a considered business model built to take artisans along, a uniquely Indian brand could firmly establish itself on the world’s luxury map. 

Tilfi has grown from 300 artisans in 2016 to a family of over 2000 today. The brand enjoys a very discerning clientele and has won the favor of several patrons of the arts from across the globe.