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Finishing of Banarasi Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani is one of the oldest forms of surface art-works done on textiles. The sarees that we have posted on the website are unfinished and retain the original crinkled appearance resulting from Bandhani hand-dyeing.

Here is an example of a Bandhani saree before it has been polished: 

Banarasi Bandhani before polishing

Banarasi sarees woven in Georgette fabric, however, tend to lose shape once when they are dyed. The sarees are thus required to be polished (finished) before wearing in order for them to have an even length and width.

Here is an example of a Bandhani saree after it has been polished:

Banarasi Bandhani after polishing
Our customers have a choice to purchase the saree unfinished or request the saree to be finished. We offer finishing free of cost but it takes about 4-6 working days.