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Handloom Production and Inventory Manager APPLY NOW

Design & Production
Full time

We are looking for a Handloom Production and Inventory Manager to supervise, coordinate and manage our handloom production process.

You will need to keep detailed record of how many products are being produced or need to be produced, which product is being woven on which loom, what are the production timelines of each item, when it is expected and liaise with the artisans to ensure that there are no delays and the products are delivered as per the committed timelines.

You are someone who:

  • Possesses advanced Microsoft Excel skills for efficient record keeping.
  • Demonstrates exceptional organizational abilities and can establish effective systems and processes.
  • Thrives in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, adept at bringing order to chaos.
  • Possesses an interest in textiles or is open to learning about them.

The role entails:

Managing production schedule

  • Keep up to date information of all the handlooms that are operating
  • Maintain data of all SKUs that are being produced and plan for the future
  • Liaise with design team and management to prepare plan for new products to be launched.
  • Co-ordinate with stakeholders to ensure all production timelines are met.

Weaver co-ordination

  • Liaise with our weavers gather information about all the looms including colours and designs being produced
  • Give colours to weavers for next designs based on order history, inventory in stock and customer demand
  • Maintain upto date weaver files that contains record-keeping of all designs being produced

Team Management

  • Manage a small team of production executives to ensure all inventory is being correctly recorded
  • Co-ordinate with team to ensure all billing and paperwork is completed by the weavers

Inventory control

  • Forecast and manage inventory levels.
  • Conduct inventory audits and resolve variances.
  • Oversee inventory of raw materials like silk and zari.
  • Maintain accurate inventory records.
  • Ensure Inventory on website is up-to date


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